MaxMax Chambers (MMC) is a dispute resolution institution that provides dispute avoidance, management and resolution services, via conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

We do not provide legal advice. Under our aegis, we provide conciliators, mediators, and arbitrators, and the facilities and relevant resources to conduct the proceedings.

Any type of dispute can be submitted to MMC for resolution, including disputes related to intellectual property, commercial transactions, franchisee arrangements, IT contracts, media & distribution contracts, supply chain contracts, telecom contracts, joint ventures, R&D contracts, employment contracts, mergers and acquisitions, construction and infrastructure projects, and financial services contracts.

One of the unique features of MMC is our panel of professionals (former CXOs and HODs) with vast experience in resolving disputes within their organisations and with their vendors, partners and customers. Thus, they are able to quickly get to the core of the issues and help in their resolution.

This leads to MMC core promise: time-bound, business-like, fixed-free conciliations, mediations, and arbitrations, undertaken by top business professionals for better business outcomes.