Dispute Resolution Services

Any type of dispute can be submitted to MMC for resolution, including disputes related to intellectual property, commercial transactions, franchisee arrangements, IT contracts, media & distribution contracts, supply chain contracts, telecom contracts, joint ventures, R&D contracts, employment contracts, mergers and acquisitions, construction and infrastructure projects, and financial services contracts.

Whether a dispute can be resolved by conciliation, mediation or arbitration, it really depends on the current relationship between the parties, and the level of understanding of the dispute between them.

While a conciliator may even propose a solution to a dispute, a mediator will only facilitate a solution between the parties that they themselves come up with. Unless both the parties agree to the proposed solution in writing, conciliation or mediation is non-binding in nature. A party may terminate a conciliation/mediation proceeding at any time, and thus they are always in control of the dispute resolution process.

Compared to conciliation / mediation, an arbitration is binding on the parties, and the award by an arbitrator can only be challenged as per established principles in law. An arbitrator is required to decide the dispute based on the evidence at hand. In effect, it is private litigation, with the expectation that it will be more substance over form in the dispute resolution process.

Dispute resolution is undertaken by our panel of professionals (former CXOs and HODs) with vast experience in resolving disputes within their organisations and with their vendors, partners and customers. Thus, they are able to quickly get to the core of the issues and help in their resolution.