Dispute Avoidance Services

Depending on the size of the organization and the nature of the industry in which such organisation operates in, MaxMax Chambers provides dispute avoidance services on a retainer basis.

Our clients retain us to do the following:

    • Audit commercial engagement practices within the organisation and with third parties.
    • Audit POSH, employee dispute resolution and employee whistle-blower policies/systems.
    • Review any changes to such practices as and when they are made.
    • If there is a potential dispute that may arise where the organisation is likely to be a party, review the facts of the matter, and then provide an independent opinion to the organisation.
    • In the event, services are then sought to help with conciliation or mediation, help the parties come to an amicable settlement employing global best practices for conciliation and mediation, which will be charged separately on a case by case basis.
    • If for any reason, the parties choose to go for arbitration, then other MaxMax professionals may be engaged, independent of the professionals who assisted with dispute avoidance to ensure there is no conflict of interest of any kind. Additional fees will also be charged for this.